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Lecture 8

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David Carlson

ENG 1122 A Lecture 8 Monday, October 7, 2013. Midterm 1. Identify (who, where, when, why, importance) a. E.g. Aeschere (Hrothgar’s close friend) 2. Passages a. Where its from b. What’s in it c. How it’s related to the larger work d. How it’s related to course material Lecture S.G.G.K. Gawain behaves just as the animal the host is out hunting during the temptation scenes (deer, boar, fox). A deer is skittish and runs away when being hunted. You catch a fox by letting it outsmart itself. It is at the 3 temptation that Gawain gets caught. The third time is most important here. The outset here about what they are tempting Gawain with and why is important. The host’s wife is tempting Gawain with sex, seducing him in telling him that everyone is gone hunting, nobody would know, etc… Gawain made an agreement with the host, and if he has sex with the woman he has to exchange it with the host. The moral issue is truth. In this situation, she’s married and her husband is the one giving him room and board. Because she’s married, if he has sex with her, he is committing adultery, which is a sin. Treachery and treason would be committed. The betrayal of a Lord (treason) is the same as the sort of the treachery being imposed upon Gawain. They are tempting him to commit a betrayal that will upset Arthur’s court. They are trying to scare Guinevere (**look up) Another time when Gawain is tempted to do something that nobody would know about. A servant tells Gawain that if he runs away (hide), nobody will ever know that you didn’t get from the castle to meet the Green knight at the castle. This is a temptation that Gawain turns down. The host is not there to send Gawain to the castle and does not take Gawain to the castle, because the host, the servant and the Green Knight are the same person. These temptations are providing Gawain ideal circumstances that will bring down Arthur’s court eventually. As it turns out, Gawain does not succumb to these temptations. He does not commit the adultery/treachery with the host. He makes an er
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