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Environmental Health
Environment Health Relationships
All environmental issues examined in course to date and coming up have
human health implications
o Population growth/decline
o Water availability and quality
o Soil quality
o Biotech and food resources
o Energy
o Livable cities
o Sustainable development
Health Hazards
Hazard: anything that can cause injury, death, disease, damage to personal/public
property, or deterioration or destruction of environmental components
Two ways to look at hazards:
o Lack of access to necessities
o Exposure to dangerous chemicals, substances, activities
Risk: mathematical probability of suffering a loss as a result of exposure to a hazard
Risk Pathways
Physical hazards
Biological hazards
Chemical hazards
Social/cultural hazards (behavioural)
Should we add economic hazards to this list?
Physical Hazards
Natural Disasters
o Tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and wildfires
Avoidance of risk important in prevention
o Ex.: building homes in floodplains, living on a coast
Who is at most risk?
Biological Hazards: Infectious Disease
Pathogenic bacteria, fungi, worms, viruses
o Vector borne
o Crowding
o Contamination of food and water
Lack of resources for sanitation
Lack of education
More prevalent in developing countries
Climate plays important role in transmission of many biological hazards
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