GEG2109 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Faultlines (Album), Indian Register, Indian Act

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14 Aug 2016
Regional Tensions and Faultlines
The Centralist/Decentralist Faultine
Centralists argue for national policies that has dominance over provinces
Covers defense, foreign affairs, money, transportation and Indian affairs
It would be seen as favouring Quebec and Ontario due to uneven
dispersion of population in Canada
Decentralists argue for provincial governments
Provinces cover education, health, welfare
The Aboriginal/Non-Aboriginal Faultline
Most complex faultline due to tangled history
Clashes over land, policies
Aboriginal peoples: First Nations, Metis, Inuit
Using that term is not the best because it’s an umbrella term, there a
many differences between the sub-groups
Status Indian: legal term used to describe someone whose status carries
certain rights
Non-status Indians: not covered by Indian-Act
Around 1.4 million in Canada
Key events:
- The Royal Proclamation (1763)
- The Haldimand Grant (1784)
- The Indian Act (1876)
- Residential schools and assimilation
Treaty rights set aside reserve lands to be held for the benefit of band
(reserve lands and free use of Crown lands)
The Immigration Faultline
Continuous waves of immigration
The First Clash (1869-1870)
- Ottawa fails to acknowledge presence of Metis
- Manitoba becomes province
The Second Clash : Making Treaty (1871-1877)
- Ottawa plans to extinguish Indian rights and promote assimilation
- 7 treaties seen with different goals
The Third Clash : The Northwest Rebellion (1885)
The French/English Faultline
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