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Class13SupportinoldageOA are a source of emotional support in a number of areasthey have a lot of experience you might get more emotional support from them than any other age groupThey are daily helpers Help children by providingDaily lifelong care if disabledPlace for them to liveFinancial supportsince they cannot give physical support they may compensate with money As they decline they give more monetary support After the age of 70 children need to give more support than they give to their children They give morethan they get from their childrenAdult children rely on parents as role modelsyou become closer to your parents as you get older also reliance increases Specially if you become a parent you will turn to mom and dad for adviceOlder people play several family roles1The occupational sponsor person to help find jobs or get started in business2The comforterperson to turn for personal advice3The Ambassador represents your family4The head of the family head of the family who makes choices that everyone follows5The kin keeperwho keeps everyone together in touchGrandparenting57 million grandparents in Canada in 2001Women make up 80 of grandparentsSome play a more active roles than others if active being a granddadmom brings them closer to their childrenSkip generation householdsgrandchildren with grandparents but no in between generation children are missingex grandparents taking care of the grandchildrenInformalsupportforSeniorsWhat is informal supportpaid not people you knowWhat is an informal caregiver those close to you taking care of you without you paying them Include helping an older adult go somewhere shopping etc Buffer stressMen VS woman
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