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Louise Edmonds

Support Systems - Social Support Social Support Social Support to others: - Informal, unpaid help: ex. Household chores, financial aid, assistance during illness and crisis - Childcare - Sharing their home with adult children Latchkey kid: young kids who go home alone after school Seniors Provide Support Kinds of Support: - Spouses and children with HV and daily chores - Financial support to children - Emotional support and role models for younger family members Many Roles - The occupational sponsor - The comforter - The ambassador - The head of the family - The kin keeper - Reciprocity Grandparenting - 4 out of 5 seniors 75yrs and older are grandparents - Women make up 80% of all grandparents - Seniors have 4-5 grandchildren on average Types of Support 1. Informal Support: unpaid help given by family, friends, neighbour’s – driving to appointments, house and yard work 2. Formal Support: help provided by professional caregivers – private nurses, doctors, nanny’s 3. Combination: People turn to formal system after informal system no longer meets their needs Working Parents - Almost 70% of Canadian couples with children had both partners in the labour force - Only 21% of couples with children had only the husband in the labour force The Modern Mom
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