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Naomi Davidson

- Government’s made it so difficult that the pace of deportation was slower then in other countries. - In many countries leaders and population were willing to hand over Jewish refugees. - In some cases it was a two-step process. Jews whom had citizenship in a country were handed later on after the Jewish refugee’s. - In some cases such as Romania the Nazi’s were shocked by local regimes that shared visible anti-Semitism. - The reason for these different decisions of deportation and murder of citizen’s. - Some historians argue that it was a deeply rooted anti-Semitism in Europe that led to indifference or enthusiasm for the Nazi policies regarding Jews. - Others make a different argument. They say it’s important to take into account the lack of action in the Second World War. - Historians need to remember everyone was concerned with their own survival rather then their neighbours. Any response people had or didn’t take needs to be contextualized. - Other historians emphasize that the forced disappearance of all these individuals created golden opportunities for the one’s who hadn’t been deported. - All of these stores and house that had previously belonged to Jews were left over for others. - While many were taken by the Nazi’s the local’s gained from the deportations. - As the Soviets moved through Germany the Army saw what was happening. The Allies knew of the existence of camps but decided to not respond to that knowledge. - The Vatican knew what was happening but did not condemn the genocide. - The Western, Soviets and the Vatican knew what was happening well before 1945. - Churchill and Roosevelt began to receive reports of the Nazi Death Squads in Eastern Europe. - Jews whom knew what was coming tried to flee when they saw Hitler’s rise to power. In a conference of 1938 Britain, France and the USA made it clear to Eastern and Central Europeans that they wouldn’t be welcomed in any of these countries. - The US
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