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Course 15 November-04-13 12:55 PM Canada in the 1920s • Painting is not for the exam ○ "The charge of flowerdew'ssquadron" ○ March 21st 1918 • War ended with a victory as well as with labour unrest at home. • Sets up the 1920s • War makes transformation in the society, for the better, highest level of capitalism, ushering in of the proletarian state • Reform because of labour organizations and the creation of unions • Trade unions memberships double during this time • Labour found themselves unable to elect MPs • Shut out by the Borden's maneuver • They could not get power through ballot boxes but they could always use violent protests • The rising in unions was related to a rise in militancy • Most famous strike was in Winnipeg in 1919 • Questions on the strike on the exam, know the parts in the book • Know some of the rising factors of unions • Describe the rise of labour influence on politics.. Or evaluate the success of the labour movement in obtaining its goal in 1920s • WW1 brought about a collapse of confidence • New music herald and era of new music and angst ○ Ex. Rites of Spring by Stravinsky • Lots of indicators of confidence • Conservative government = crumbles after the war, by 1921 the liberals would be in power with Mackenzie King without big interrupti
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