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Lecture 3

HSS1101 Lecture 3: Chapter3

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Health Sciences
Tien Nguyen

CHAPTER 3: Understanding coping w life stressors WHAT IS STRESS? Family, friends, environmental conditions, health status, drug use, personality support systems all influence how you respond to a given event Has lots of meaning; often its an external factor that threatens or makes demands on our bodies minds Most stress are selfimposed usually the result of an internal state of emotional tension occurs in response to demands of living Stress psychological physiological responses to demands or expectations place upon us on daily lives Your thoughts about situation you are in: critical factors Stressor: any physical, social or mental event condition that forces mind body to react or adjust May be tangible (angry parent) or intangible (mixed emotions meeting you other parents for the 1st time) As you try to adjust to stressors in life: strain develops; strain: wear tear your body and mind sustaining during process of adjusting to or resisting a stressor Eustress (positive stress) distress (negative stress) both types provide opportunity for personal growth can lead to personal satisfaction It is the reactions to distress cause concern; cannot prevent it like eustress its part of your life Though can learn to recognize stressful events anticipate reactions to them by learning to practice prestress coping skills develop poststress management techniques Developing these skills depends on your understanding of major component of stress Also important to recognize which stressors are under your control can be managed using problemsolving focus; while those not under your control > managed using emotionfocus The mindbody connection: physical response When stress is experienced complex physical emotional reactions to it cause body to wear down over time RESULT: stress often described as disease of prolonged arousal that lead to other negative health effects Stress impaired immunity PNI (Psychoneuroimmunology) analyzes relationship between minds response to stress functioning of IS; also examine role of enhancing physiological functioning (ex. Physical activity) better management of stress stress response Significant results: during prolonged stress > elevated levels of adrenal hormones destroy or reduce ability of WBC (killer T cells); when these are suppressed: body is less effective at combatting illnesses Relationship between increased level of stress risk of disease during time of negative life events THE GENERAL ADAPTATION SYNDROME Homeostasis: balanced of physical mental state in which bodys systems function effectively When stress is perceived mind body adjust w an adaptive response or an attempt to restore homeostasis Physical psychological responses to stress follow a pattern: General adaptation syndrome (GAS) w 3 phases: alarm, resistance exhaustion Alarm phase Subconscious perceptions of stressor stimulate areas in brain responsible for emotions Emotional stimulation starts the physical reactions associated w stress When mind perceives stressor cerebral cortex (interprets nature of event) is called to attention When consciously or unconsciously perceives a threat: triggers ANS response that prepares body for action (flight or fight) When stressed: rate of bodily functions increases to give us physical strength to protect ourselves against attack or mobilize internal forces ANS has 2 branches: sympathetic (energizes body for either fight or flight by signalling release of stress hormones that increase heart rates, etc) parasympathetic (slows all systems stimulated by stress response; opposed to SNS and attempts to restore homeostasis) Overall, long term stress can cause this balance to become strained > chronic physical mental problems
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