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Lecture 1 - Nietzsche

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Sonia Sikka

Sept. 9, 2013 Philosophers: Nietzsche, Heidegger, & Foucault  These three philosophers all challenge the correspondence model of truth and knowledge BELIEFS > TRUTH < FACTS o Previously, it was believed that the mind mirrored reality; that what we perceive as reality is altered by the framework in our mind o Enter Nietzsche, who thought that we can never derive a TRUE reflection of knowledge/understanding. Knowledge is simply guided by preconceptions. 1. Nietzsche  Knowledge manifests itself through Will to Power – we fictionalize/transform 1) It’s a fabrication rather than a reflection 2) It is a fabrication of the Will to Power -knowledge in terms of Will to Power (guides our experiences) -knowledge of one’s own being -manifests itself in different ways. Ex: universalization of moral principles -judge oneself as superior to others -individual motivations - psychologies WILL TO POWER: the desires of all living beings to improve its living conditions -shapes our judgment and truths -scientific truths – useful fictions -evolution (Darwinism) – increase/enhance our existence Beyond Good and Evil -the role of will to power in shaping morality, religion, and politics -Subjectivism – what we see is a projection of the mind 2. Heidegger  Knowledge means correspondence between facts and ideas (*not fabrication) 1) All knowledge is contextual 2) All knowledge is interpretation; has a certain “forestructure” -alter (guide) our understanding (*no mirroring of the world/
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