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Lecture 3

POL 1101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Microsoft Powerpoint

Political Science
Course Code
POL 1101
Matthew Paterson

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POL1101 – Introduction to Political Science
September 25, 2015
Morisset Library 309A
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Researching on the Question:
Reflections on the question
Carrying out the research: identifying sources for your material
Reading the materials
Writing essays
A. Reflections on the Question
What does it want me to include?
What do I not need to discuss?
Which parts of it are particularly interesting?
Who might be the key authors
Have we talked about it in class?
B. Carrying out the research: identifying sources for your material
Identify the terns to search in the world political science abstracts
Explain your choice terms
Having carried out a series of searches, explain how you refine your searches
Identify 15-20 articles which appear promising from the titles. Read their
Choose 6 articles from this list. Explain the choice for each article, in relation to
the essay title and the way you plan to write the essay.
C. Reading the materials
Develop skills of skim reading
Develop skills of synthesis
Develop critical awareness of texts
Use the particularly useful ones to identify any further readings you should check
D. Writing essays: general points
Big picture, not facts and details
‘critical’ – not taking things for granted, asking questions about assumptions,
Support claims with evidence – in this case citations from the article
There is no ‘right’ answer, although there are many wrong ones. Look at the
grading rubric
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