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University of Ottawa
Political Science
Mark Salter

POL 1102 G - Politics & Globalization - Mark Salter - 18 Mar. 05 Israel / Palestine Snapshot history • 1948 : Establishment of the State of Israel - Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians flee - United Arab armies (Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon) attack Israel, but are repulsed: Egypt takes Gaza; Jordan takes W. Bank and East Jerusalem - This was in response to WWII, so that they would have a state that would protect themselves, as they could not rely on the world to protect the Jews • 1967 : 6 Day war - Israel captures West Bank, E. Jerusalem, Gaza (& Sinai) - Israel-occupied lands - Establishment of “Green Line” of truce Intifada • 1987 : First Intifada (uprising) • 1993 : Oslo peace process established by Bush - Recognition of Israel’s right to exist in exchange for withdrawal of occupation of Palestinian territories - Areas of control of Palestine - Full Palestinian control (7%) - Joint I/P control (21%) - Israeli settlement & military control (72%) Second Intifada • Both states can see the same image, kid throwing a rock at a tank, and interpret it differently - One sees it as the kid having courage, hating the occupation so much that he’s willing to risk his life - Israel sees it as, where are that kid’s parents, see, they need to occupy to help develop the country, since the parents are so uncaring to leave their child in a dangerous zone • Continuation of Settlement; construction of tunnels under al-Aqsa - Israeli people keep moving to Palestine, seen as them trying to control the fate of Palestine when it becomes independent • Final status issues: Jerusalem; right of return for Palestinian refugees in 1948 asked; borders; and settlements - Both Israel and Palestine agree that Jerusalem was to be the capital • 28 Sept. 2000, Ariel Sharon tours al-Aqsa/Temple Mount Escalation 2000 - 2004 • Expansion of settlements • Incursions into OPT; assassinations of terror leaders; isolation of Arafat • Increased suicide bombings, development of rocket/mortar attack
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