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L17 - Political Parties I & II

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Political Science
Luc Turgeon

March 21, 2014 Political Parties I & II Key Terms  Political parties  Brokerage politics  Part system(s) in Canadian politics  Third Parties in Canadian politics  Different political parties o Liberal Party o Conservative Party o CCF/NDP o Other Political Parties:A Reminder  Definition: “Any political group that presents at election, and is capable of placing through elections candidates for public office” (Sartori).  Multiple functions in our political system o integration of citizens (manage relations between citizens and the state) o manage diverse interests – limit the number of issues up for debate (control agenda and categorize opinions) o elections – parties bring diverse interest together (find compromises) o present policy programs  Types of political parties • Cadre vs mass parties • Ideological vs catch-all Brokerage parties  Aparty that tries to appeal to a variety of interest and bridge those differences by promising benefits to a variety of interests • Objective is to incorporate representatives from different regions and groups o Aggregate interests  Why? • Electoral success • Need to maintain national unity and social stability o Cleavages – elites help maintain social cohesion  Perspectives on brokerage parties • Necessary in a country like Canada • Tweedledum and Tweedledee (lack of creative politics) o Instability of policies – short-term appeals to voters to get enough coalition to win power o They stop talking about policy and start talking about leaders (qualities needed to get the job done, personal views, etc.); rather than what types of policies you support o Voters have weak attachments to parties – party leaders come and go and policy positions change. Party System  Definition: “Apattern of electoral competition that emerges between tw
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