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Lecture 14

POL 3102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Logical Truth

Political Science
Course Code
POL 3102
Sascha Maicher

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Nov. 7 Socialism: Part III Communism
Karl Marx: Capital (1867)
Worker alienation
Our labor is devalued when the profit that comes from charging more than the item cost
to make isn’t given back to the laborer
As technology changes, the conditions of the workplace change
The workers’ relationship to their work in modern capitalism produces alienation
How things that are essential to use actual becomes threat to us
Alienation from:
1. the product
2. the activity
3. each other
4. our species (the essence of human beings)
all represent a hostile relationship to something separated from us which we former had
a healthy relationship to
beyond our range
what is the relationship between the 4 kinds of alienation
1. Alienation from the product & the activity
oAlienation/separation from what we make
oComes from the way we work (psychologically)
oFeel alienated from what we produce
oMarx thinks the most fundamental thing we do as humans is make stuff
oThis is how we form relationships – we make an impact on our world
oWho we are is the change we left on the world
oWe thus objectify ourselves through products of our labor
oOur products are our changes
oWe exist as laboring beings
oWhat happens when you don’t give a shit about the stuff you’re making?
oYour laboring activity is turning into something you don’t care about
oThat drains the product of the meaning it had in the world (its expression)
oWe are becoming more and more alienated from the product – we feel we have
less of a choice in what we produce
oNo connection to the things we are producing
oIt’s becoming harder and harder to choose a job you care about – the market
doesn’t make it possible
oWe are forced into what’s available
oTechnology leave us with less options in terms of work
oIf labor is how we express who we are, and we don’t get to choose how that
expression takes place, it’s a problem
oEverything is tending towards an increase in the division of labor – more efficient
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