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Political Science
Emily Regan Wills

POL 3140 – Monday November 25 2013 th Dreamers: • Young new immigrants that if they go into the army or community college they can access to US Citizenship. • One of the biggest challenges is that if they’re arrested that they’ll be detained and then deported. • In some areas such as in New York we have certain individuals who are being profiled by police or inArizona where you can be asked to show your papers at anytime. • Some individuals cannot even go drink at a bar with their friends because they do not have valid ID. • In various financial services such as opening bank accounts etc… • Why do we have the situation with 11M illegal immigrants. The last time they had immigration reform was in 1986: Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) under president Reagan. It granted legal status to around 3M undocumented immigrants. • The big issue with IRCA is that it did solve an important issue it didn’t do anything for future immigration problems. The fact that they’re would be ongoing needs for these situations. • By the 1990’s there were another 9-10M undocumented individuals. Now it has been over 25 years where the situation has not been fixed to this day. • We had too large categories, the immigrants that had been here for a large amount of time and their children whom came over when they were young and have no affiliation with their old country of origin. • One set of advocates said that CIR would be difficult to pass so they went ahead and used DREAM instead. It was first introduced in 2001. There has been a sort of “Civil War” with the immigration system was that they didn’t commit the crime so individuals will be more lenient to these individuals. • We saw huge fights with many undocumented youth and advocates said that we should try to at least do something for the kids. • From 2001 to 2007 there were meager attempts to pass DREAM, it almost passed in 2007. There was a misconception that States would have to give bursaries to individuals. This bill was filibustered. • The DREAM Act was also repealed with the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the Senate filibuster of the bill as maintained in a 56-43 vote. • Even though they gave up and that they had enough votes to pass the bill the Senate was able to filibuster it by 4 votes. • One of the results of this situation was disillusionment among young individuals who though it would pass. Many committed suicide after the failure of the passing of the DREAMAct. • This also radicalized the movement of the DREAM Act after 2010. Obama in 2011 called for
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