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PSY 2301
Andra Smith

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Guest Lecture
2 kinds of memory
oImplicit or explicit
Severe anterograde amnesia video:
oStill able to carry out a conversation
oOnly has memory for 30 seconds
Neural system underlying explicit and implicit memories
Anterograde amnesia – cant make new memories
The other kind of amnesia is when you cant remember things before a certain point
Why do we think that these two domains memory are relatively independent?
oWhen manipulation A (brain injury) affects process X but not Y
Ex: medial temporal damage affects explicit memory much more than implicit
oProblem: what if mental operation that has been impaired is just more difficult, and requires
more “brain power”
Double dissociation
oWhen manipulation A affects process X but not Y, and manipulation B affects Y but not X
Medial Temporal System
Medial temporal region
Beside there is tissue that might be important for memory
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