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Lecture 7

PSY 3307 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Readwrite

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PSY 3307
Elizabeth Kristjansson

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Advantages and Disadvantages-
Phone interviews:
Larger saple size, eause you do’t eed
to spend the time sending interviews out
Can also reach rural people
Does’t ost as uh as i-person interviews
Can get more qualitative content
People do’t like phoe iteries
They can hang up
Somewhat intrusive when you can call at
any time
Landlines are becoming uncommon
Bias sample
Limited by do not call registries
Do’t ofte dislose persoal iforatio
over the phone
Do’t ko ho is allig they ould e
misrepresenting themselves
In-Person Interviews:
With participants permission, you can record
the interview
Can observe non-verbal responses and react
Can arrange the ideal conditions for
interviewing someone
Build up rapport
Can ask more sensitive questions because
participant will trust you more; more personal
Inconvenient; make time for it
Can have a lower chance of finding a good
time for the interview
If you’re asking someone to come to you,
can be a pain or a cost for them
Ca’t always reach everyone, get to rural
Could get bias response
Not as anonymous, they might be less
willing to disclose
Might take more time; More costly
Takes more time to interview and analyze
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find more resources at
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