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Lecture notes for social psychology Lectures from Klempan's course from Winter 2010. Comments not part of class notes (extra information said in class) are in italics.

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Rosalinde Klempan

LECTURE 22 Thursday April0810 SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY CH 18 Agenda 1SOCIAL THINKING attributing behaviour to persons or situations 2 SOCIAL INFLUENCE conformitygroup pressure and conformityconformity to a majoritygroup influencesocial facilitationdeindividuationminority influenceobedience 3 SOCIAL RELATIONS altruismbystander intervention Social Thinking Social Psychologyscientific study of how people relate to influence and think about othersATTRIBUTING BEHAVIOUR TO PERSONS OR SITUATIONS we tend to adopt the traits of how were supposed to behaveAttribution Theorywe tend to attribute the behaviour of others to either internal dispositions or external situations why is someone flapping their arms like a chicken in the elevatorFirst responsetheyre simplystrange internalIf you see that someone dared him to do itexternal Fundamental Attribution Errorpeople typically overestimate role of personal dispositional factors in controlling behaviourexNegative behaviour car is driving oddly Situational attribution Maybe that driver is illtolerant reactionDispositional attribution Crazy driverunfavourable reactionthey underestimate role of situational factors ex come to conclusions about personality traits and disregard situationSocial Influenceattempt by person or group to change beliefsattitudesbehavioursindirect form of social influence is social norms the implicit rules and expectations of how to think and behaveResponses to Direct Social InfluenceCOMPLIANCE conform to wishes of influencing source but do not change private attitudesbeliefsINTERNALIZATION change beliefs or behaviours because of genuine belief of influencing source offered some proof from someone else and it makes you change your mind
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