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Jocelyn Wentland

PSY3105: Lecture 5 & 6 1.10.2013 Lecture 6: The Self • Presentations: o Physical appearance and social acceptance #1 predictors of self-esteem. • Clarifying the Difference o Self esteem  Global measures of worth o Self-concept  More specific • Self Esteem: DefiningAspect o Baseline Self Esteem  Overall  The way you feel on a daily basis o Barometric Self Esteem  Self Esteem at different points of a day, which we don’t measure on a global measure of self esteem.  More accurate because more time points. • Development and Self Esteem o Decline  9-12/13 o Acause is the imaginary audience: think that everyone is noticing you even though this is not the case • Influences on Self Esteem o Parents:  Through positive and negative reinforcement • Childhood &Adolescence o Childhood  trait centred o Adolescence  more exploration (abstract and more about personality) • Abstract Concepts o Actual Self (who I am) o Possible Self (abstract thinking  adolescence) o Depression Rates go up in adolescence, which is not noticed in pre- adolescents.  Drop in self esteem • Self Reflection inAdolescence • More Complex o Can think about multiple perspectives o More abstract thinking o Contradictions in who they are who they are not o Who am I today, Who could I be • Beeper Studies o Send a mass text to adolescence signed up to this study o Ask to rate self esteem PSY3105: Lecture 5 & 6 1.10.2013 • Decline inAverage Emotional State o Things stabilize around gr 12 o Adolescents are moodier • Adolescent Self Image Eight Domains o #1 PhysicalAppearance o #2 SocialAcceptance/PeerAcceptance • Identity: Erik Erikson Theory (IMPORTANT) o Teacher/Psychoanalyst/Therapist o Identity vs. Identity Confusion o People went through different crisis o Infancy:  Healthy plan • Similar to secure attachment • Identity Crisis inAdolescence o Love, Work, Value and Beliefs influenced by family o IdentityAchievement: expected from you in school • Identity Exploration o Psychosocial Moratorium o Identification: where you are and where do you want to go? • Identity Status Model o Diffusion: o Moratorium: Thinking of some things but not 100% sure o Foreclosure: Not a lot of exploration because they knew  Don’t need to explore o Achievement: You made a choice after exploring all possible options. o Graph: HugeAge Difference among stages  D  Diffusion  F  Foreclosure  A Achievement  M  Moratorium • Culture and Identity: Issues o Huge Bias in Literature because most research comes from white western view who have an interest in self which is very individualistic and cannot be applied to everyone. o Moratorium: is more western Lecture 5: Gender • Questions: o What does being a woman mean to you?  Caring PSY3105: Lecture 5 & 6 1.10.201
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