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University of Ottawa
Public Administration
Frank Ohemeng

Public Administration Institutions and LawOctober2713356 PM QuestionsIdentify and explain the role and functions of the major institutions in the Canadian political and administrative systemsWhat is a department Identify and explain the main functionsIdentify and explain the main differences between an operating department and a crown corporation Factors Influencing Organizational structure in CanadaInwood 3 factors to understand societyCapitalist democracy1Relationship between politics and economists shifts the way the economy is runbelieves in the market ex Russia socialist state controls everythingAbout the individual and the freedom to chooseKey idea private property rightsState can help acquire property ex Subsidized housing public policies to help poorFederal system1Shifts the way the state is structuredUnitary system ex Ghana BritainoOne central government that gives power to local government municipal has no powers given by constitutionFederal system federalism ex US Nigeria Canadao2 almost equal governments powers enshrined in constitutionoActivities divided between regionalprovincial and centralfederal governmentoCitizens owe allegiance to both use both so vote for bothoAffects the way institutions are set upFederal national defense immigration tradeProvincial education ex FeesCabinet parlimentary system1Presidential ex US GhanaoPresident chief executive and head of state numbered amount of termsoSeperation of powers cant be in all executive congressparliament judicialoChecks and balances executive checks congress vice versa judiciary checks both when theres a conflict executive can vetoParlimentary ex Britain NZ AustraliaoExecutive and legislative are fused ex Prime minister is parlimentary and executiveoHead of state is the crown prime minister head of government Bureaucratic ExecutiveElected executive of federal government responsible for formulating and implementing public policiesProcess entrusted to permanent state officials employed by the government
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