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LSR 2118 March 2, 2011 Mid term= multiple choice By April 20, 2011 at the latest: - Hand in a hard copy (printout of powerpoint slides or presentation scripts etc… ) of your presentation - Include a cover page with the following: o Title of your presentation o Names and student numbers of all group member and, o The date of your presentation. - Can be submitted when you do the presentation. Our group is presenting on April 6 , 2011 @ 9:05pm. - All group members must be present and participate in the group presentation - Peer evaluators must be present for the entire presentation. Chapter 10: Facilitating the Program Experience The Service triangle - The service strategy- directs the attention of the people in the organization toward the real priorities of the customer. Vision high standards - Customer Friendly Systems- the delivery system that backs up the service is truly designed for the convenience of the customer rather than the convenience of the organization - Motivated Staff – Customer- oriented front line employess. These staff are able to meet their customer’s needs and desires by tuning into the customers current situation, frame of mind and needs. 3 Phases of a Leisure Program Experience 1. The Pre- Experience a. Promotion- managing the customers pre program experience and expectations involves: i. Using promotional materials that accurately describe programs, services and potential benefits. b. Registration i. Sometimes you have to have registration. You don’t NEED it, but many do. If it costs money you usually need to have a registration. How you conduct this registration might be very different for different programs. Make it easy for the participants to register. ii. Materials: Info from Customers- date of registration, contact information, registrant information, payment, waivers, releases etc… iii. Info from the organization- fees, programs-specific needs, contact information, what to expect next, where, when etc… iv. Registration Methods: Central Location, program location, fax, mail in v. Other Issues: prepared staff, ease and accessibility of registration process, use of forms – informed consent/ agreement to participate, parental permission slips/ medical release, medical history, waivers, photo release. Payment methods c. Preparation i. Creation of the physical environment ii. Risk management- many organizations use a checklist immediately prior to the beginning of a program to assure that all safety concerns are addressed. iii. Activity analysis- activity analysis is a systematic process though which we
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