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University of Ottawa
Social Sciences
Jordan Stancil

thJanuary 16 2012DiscoursesA commentary on the Roman Republic Looking at history to get information about how we can do something to create a political regime that is stable and will last a long time all while being powerful and do glorious thingsIn order to imitate the Roman Republic we must know what makes it great By looking closely we can understand how to make good political regimes nowHe is going to draw conclusions from this history that are directly opposed to historical interpretation mainly that you cannot trust democracy Machiavelli says it was the fact that the people had power that lead to the overall power of RomeWhy should the nonexpert the person who chooses not vote have a say in running the state shouldnt this be left to the successful and intelligent people Machiavelli says we must if you want a powerful state that is long lasting Preface meditation on what we should think about the past We tend to glorify the past and sometimes the past is better Even if you cant recreate the past you still need to study them a
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