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Social Sciences
Jordan Stancil

MarxThe way in which Marxs analysis of what would really happen after his death is not what did happenMarx Analysis of CapitalismCapitalism is a class societywhat we are living one class owns the means of production and the other class is excluded from the means of production unless they are willing to work for the owners One class takes the unpaid labour of the other class they own the tools and the land used etc The Factors of production the thing you mix together to produce things Land capital and labour In his analysis if you are a capitalist you own land and capital and the workers own the labour However labour is not good on its own The workers cant use their labour unless they can get to the first to factors of production The way they do this is by selling their labourThe owners of the means of production take unpaid labour from the others How are they doing this Capitalism is doing the same thing that previous class societies did What is different is that you dont see what is happening it is hidden the relationship is hidden from you by the wage system itself according to Marx You think you are getting paid you are getting SOME but you are not getting all of the money that your labour actually producesCrucial to his belief There is a portion that the capital keeps and steals from you it doesnt matter where you go if you are in a capitalistlabour relationship you will have your money stolen from you The workers are not getting paid to
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