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Lecture 13

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University of Ottawa
Willow Scobie

Lecture 13 Max Weber Monday, November 4, 2013 Marx’s Influence - Weber rejected Marx’s materialist conception of history - Weber saw class conflict as less significant - Weber argued that ideas and values were as important as economic factors in creating social change - Weber focused on status categories, rather than property relations o Ex. Doctors – aren’t owners or workers Three Dimensions - Class -> socioeconomic status - Status -> level of social prestige - Party -> degree of political influence o Ex. Plumbers and physicians make the same amount of money, but physicians are considered to be more prestigious Study of Civilizations - Studied religions in China, India and Near East - Weber contributed to the Sociology of Religion o Religion is not necessarily a conservative force o Religiously inspired movements have often produced dramatic social transformations  Ex. Protestantism, particularly for Puritanism, was the source of a Capitalist outlook o Early entrepreneurs were mostly Calvinists o In their desire to serve God, they were driven to succeed  Material success was considered a sign of divine favor o They couldn’t flaunt their wealth – so they re-invested it Bureaucracy - Another of Weber’s significant contributions to SOC was his study of bureaucracy - The word, “bureaucracy”, comes from the combination of “burea
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