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From last lecture Culture also shapes our Japanese babies are more groupcentred personalitiesTies into socialization while American ones are more processindividualistic Japanese have tendency to be more passive Americans tend to assert Humans are social beings themselvesHumans do not have instincts Instinctive behaviours can be attributed to reflexes and More on socialization and cultural diversity drives Babies DocumentaryEx Sneezing into Kleenex coughing away from people Learned not born knowing Agents of socializationthem All behaviours are learned in The persons groups or institutions that interactions with others Humans rely on teach us what we need to know in order social experience and culture to develop to participate in society textbookpracticesoFamilyoSchoolSocializationoFriendsThe lifelong process through which oMediaindividuals acquire a selfidentity and the Can be anyone in anywhere at any time physical mental and social skills Ex Paris Trying to get on a bus pushing needed for survival in society textbookand shoving Because of trauma of WWII Seeing people in lines reminded them of Functions of socializationAuschwitz Like cattle waiting for the To ensure the survival and stability of slaughterhousesocietyResocialization Relearning old ways To ensure the individuals survival and development Personality and sense of selfThe most basic and foundational agent
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