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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Kristen Tole

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Medical Model - Located impairments within the individual body or mind - “defect” - Emphasis on cure, rehabilitation and the normalization of disability Sociological Model - Emphasis on social forces and public issues - Social organization of time, space and practice’s o Time: it takes the disabled more time to do things sometimes o Space: making places accessible, adding ramps, lowering counters, even floors - Less about physical variations and potential troubles Disability - Social responses to bodies that fail to meet social expectations - Assumptions about the body reflected in the social or physical environment Seeking Diagnosis 1. Presence of alternative explanation for symptoms: thinking oh it’s just a cold, when really it’s a lot more 2. Frequency, visibility, and severity of those symptoms 3. Social context 4. Access to care Effects of diagnosis 1. Radical reassessment of life: moving, changing jobs, etc. 2. Grieving: for the life we had before, the life you will have to live, how family members will have to adjust their lives, loss of independence, loss of friends 3. Coping strategies: drugs/alcohol, finding support groups, therapist, rehabilitation finding replacements for things you love that you can’t do anymore 4. Avoidance: denial of the diagnosed, they don’t deal with it or talk about it 5. Vigilance: you have to keep in mind that things are potential problems, foods you eat, people staring, you not being able to physical exert yourself in some ways Clinical reality of pain: 1. Sensation 2. Tolerance threshold for pain 3. Expression of pain Charmaz (1991) - Gendered: o Masculinity: men are less likely to report chronic illness and chronic pain unless they ha
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