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Lecture 7

SOC 2106 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Bulimia Nervosa, Depersonalization

Course Code
SOC 2106
Fatemeh Givechian

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Lecture 7 February 1st 2013
Appearance is deviance. You deviate from the norm in how you dress or how you act. It is falsely
accused deviance. This is because aggressor and victim are the same. There is a law against how one
appears, you cannot go outside naked.
p. 55 law and fines against those who advertised thinness, anorexia and bulimia too much, because
they thought this wasn’t healthy and could lead to sickness if not death. This was not accepted because
it was a life style choice.
Appearance norm:
Ideal body type:
P. 42 discussion by someone someone… talked about appearance issues on asylums
- Degradation
- Immortalization
- Depersonalization
- In an asylum appearance is used to take away the identity of a person giving people numbers, the
same outfits
Ascribed deviance: something you are born with or that cannot change even if it develops later mental
illness ex. anorexia and bulimia someone who’s face has been deformed because of a fire or car
accident, someone who is in a wheelchair
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