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ANT101H5 Lecture Notes - Paleontology, Cultural Relativism, Relativism

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Heather Miller

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Basic biology will be covered – make a note of that
The class focuses on: the classification of data, observation, reasoning
and analyzing
~Main focus of class~
Human Biological and Cultural Evolutional Development from a Holistic
Anthropology: the study of humans (places, times, EVERYTHING). This
definition is not based on TECHNIQUE but rather on our GOAL, the
focus we have on HUMANS. PArticulary the idea that this is a HOLISTIC
approach to humans. Holistic referring to covering all aspects past and
present about humans.
Holism: incorporating all aspects or perspectives on an issue.
**Anthropology is thus comparative because we are interested in the
HOW and WHY between different groups of people. Anthropology is
also particularistic because we want to know the SPECIFICS about
people and how things have changed for people OVER time.
Anthropology is also RELATIVEISTIC (cultural relativism) .
Relativism refers to how and why we are interested in value
judgements that one culture or one person has against another.
Paleontologist – their focus is on dead animals like dinosaurs
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