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Lecture 2

BIO153: Lecture 2 - The Tree of Life

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Maria Arts

Biology153Lecture 2 Date 050112 TopicThe Tree of LifePhylogeny y Displaying Evolutionary Relationships y The Parts of a Tree y Deciding on a Tree First Point There are 10100 Million species approximately From all this information how could we possibly cover every single one of these species Fortunately there is a method that we have used to put order to all of these species The Tree of Life or Phylogeny The current system that we use is slightly more complex than earlier forms Classification using this method is based upon similarity starting with broad general shared characteristics and moving towards more specific characteristics that branch from the main treeTo recap the taxonomic groups are as followsDomain Supergroup Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus and Species Dutch Kings Play Chess On Finely Grained SandPhylogenetic trees have different parts starting with the root The splitting of a branch or root is called a node and Polytomy is when more than one branch form
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