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University of Toronto Mississauga
Communication, Culture and Technology
E Littlejohn

Tutorial 4 CCT260 Web Culture and Design Understanding Images and Links Professor Littlejohn Fall 2011Review of Tutorial 3 selector property value pixels float margin padding ratio borders div id element class id use of the hash tag to reference the name of an element as an identifier positioning static relative absolute fixed Tutorial 4 OverviewReview of Tutorial 3 5 minutes Reference to Assignment 1 Executive Summary and downloading of guidelines 5 minutes Definition of Links To be read as Homework Overview of Adding Text Images and Absolute Images to your layouts from Tutorial 3 10 minutes In Class Assignment Adding Text Setting Opacity of Background Colours Images and Absolute Images to your layouts from Tutorial 3 35 minutesTutorial 4 Terminology source page destination page directoryDefinition of links1 absolute2 relative3 documentrelative4 siterootrelative5 internal links6 email links7 targetsLinks have four statesalinkcolorff0000unvisited linkavisitedcolor00ff00 visited linkahovercolorff00ff mouse over linkaactivecolor0000ffselected link identifiershash tag float anchors inline style external links internal links and link statesDefinition of LinksImportant Definitions Source PageThe page containing the hyperlink Destination PageThe page being linked to ie you click a hyperlink in the source page to go to the destination page DirectoryFolder these terms are interchangeableHyperlinks Hyperlinks are created with an href tag hyperlink reference In its simplest form the tag looks like this a hrefpage1htmlGo To Page 1a In this example the text Go To Page 1 becomes a hyperlink to a page called page1html The link looks like this Go To Page 1 There are two distinct types of hyperlink absolute and relative Absolute links are quite simple but relative links take a bit of getting used to Relative links are actually divided into two further categories documentrelative and siterootrelativeTutorial 4 CCT260 Web Culture and Design Understanding Images and Links 1 Professor Littlejohn Fall 2011
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