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Barbara Murck

ENV100Y ASSIGNMENT#1 The beluga whales fall into a specialist category because of the fact that these whales can be listed as a threatened species due to the change in their environmental conditions such as climate warming which thus cause inbreeding/a low genetic diversity. Since there is a dramatic increase in the loss of sea ice (which is vital to beluga whale survival and which is also likely to recede in the future), beluga find it difficult to hunt their prey which has to do with reproduction as well. After conducting research and consulting to wildlife services, the beluga whale population is decreasing and according to the hunters, they are stable. There are two sides to this problem. Firstly, the beluga whale population needs to be saved by the wildlife services. Secondly, the only way to save them besides environmental conditions is to ban hunting. Banning beluga whale hunting is difficult to induce since hunter’s means of survival includes hunting the whales for trade and money. As a result, consulting hunters about the whale populati
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