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Lecture 12

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Mark Reczkiewicz

Class Twelve (Liechty) Explain the title, “Out Here in Kathmandu”. -Out here in Kathmandu is said quite often by the residents of Kathmandu. They are referring to how they view Kathmandu as being outside the global recognition, referring to how the country is marginalized, and just simply how the area lacks ‘modernity’. Who comes to Thamel and why? -visitors come to Thamel for adventure tourism. Looking for exotic and mysterious places to explore that isn’t in the guide books or the movies or in books. -But also young Nepalis (often those on the margins of society) come to see busy cosmopolitan streets and tourists How do they participate in the mixing of “local” and “global” worlds? -The Nepalis who come to Thamel to see the cosmopolitan area and to see foreigners contribute to what the visitors see as “locals” -the tourists who visit Thamel to see the Nepalis contribute to what the Nepalis see as part of the “global” world -so together they by visiting Thamel they mix the two worlds (Lagaan) What is the basic story of the film? -Firstly Lagaan means tax. In the movie, there is a drought in the village of Champaner and thus the citizens can’t afford to pay the tax to the ruler and the East India company who is led by captain Russel. One day they go to ask the ruler to let them not have to pay the tax for the year because there has been no rain. While waiting they see the British playing Cricket. The native’s realize that this foreign game is actually similar to the game that children play and insult the British by calling them children. So the Russel gets offended and challenges Bhuvan (the main character) to cricket. If the British win then Bhuvan and his people have to pay triple the lagan. But if Bhuvan and co. win they don’t have to pay lagan for 3 years. Buvan made the final catch in the game and then the East India Company left the area completely. Why is Captain Russell mad when the villagers disregard his sport? -Russel gets mad and instulted that they were laughing at the game, saying its what serpates him from those (subaltern) people, and they were modern while the indians were not. He gets further offended when th
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