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Lecture 9

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Jeffrey May

GGR313 Lecture 9 Fear Public Space and The Right to the City Projected participation grades will be up tomorrowo It will also include participation on June 6 and 13 however if you dont come those days your actual mark will be lowerRead closely the Pulido reading for Thursdays class and consider how you would organize an urban social movement and what issues you would organize around Fear and Public Spaceo Bringing many things together o Tying them together Ill talk about FEAR and its role in constructing difference in cities Going back o Public spaces as full of moral and social pollution o Publicprivate o Spaces themselves are gendered and racializedo The idealized citizen Desirable and right person in the public spaces Part 1 The right to the Cityo The right to the city is an idea that suggests all urban dwellers should have access to the public And that people should see themselves reflected in their cityThis includes access to public spacesExclusion othering to specific groups But ideally everybody should be included in public space o This idea comes from Henri Lefebvre but was popularized in geography by Don Mitchell 2003Lefebvre was particular about cities and their role in creating diverse vibrant publicso This is because cities are necessarily public because of their heterogeneity Because there are so many ideas in the city there will be heterogeneous views Heterogeneity brings differenceo The city is where difference lives Because difference lives in the city the right to inhabit the city must always be struggled for o To inhabit means to live in but also to be public in to be seen or heard o The right to the city must always be struggled for o belonging in the city struggling to belongo To be public in Lefebvre had this idea of the city as oeuvre collective work of an artist o The city as a work in progress Shaped by a diversity of actors Struggling over access to the public and public realmo All political actions in public spaces become legitimate
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