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John Rawls

by OC4

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Diana Raffman

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John Rawls Continued….
-The question is how do you distribute things equally?
-Two Principles of justice: (conception of the good)
1. Equal basic liberties freedom of religion
2. The second principle divides up into 2 principles
(a) Fair equality into of opportunity Formal equality of opportunity (merit)
Fair background
!This divides up into two parts:
!Formal equality of opportunity (merit): make sure that
everyone has the same opportunities as everyone else
(everyone may not get into med school, but EVERYONE
should be able to at least apply).
!Fair background: Everyone should have the same amount
of education, and background, or a fair amount of it if
you’re comparing two people. Example, person “A” and
“B” from the sheet before.
(b) The Difference Principle: Social and economic inequalities must
be to the benefit of the least advantaged members of society.
- Efficiency
- Pareto efficient distribution
- You want to distribute fairly and efficiently
- Example: If you have a small pie, and divide it equally
between people, some people will be happy that they got an
equal piece of the pie, while others will complain that although
they got an equal piece, there piece is still small.
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