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John Kervin

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Christianity September 24, 2012 • Papyrus found that claimed Jesus said “my wife” and first mention of Jesus having a wife • But the after the time of Jesus and not completed • Secret Gospel of Mark had disappeared and only a few photos of it survived but many believed that it was a hoax/forgery • As the text suggested that Jesus spent the night in his “youth” • The conversion of St. Paul (Early to the mid-50sgospels 70 and Jesus died in the 30s) • Paul was a Jew and didn’t believe that Jesus was a messiah but as he is travelling he sees a flash of light and comes upon Sahl and believes it is Jesus taking to him • So he starts preaching about Jesus and Paul was like the founder to Christianity and preaching about the resurrection rd • “Christ paid for our sins, was buried and he was raised on the 3 day and appeared to more than 500brother and sisters at one time”-Paul The Gospels and the Resurrection of Jesus NRSP (new revised …) • Who goes to the empty tomb • When • What do they see when they get to the tomb • Does Jesus appear, to whom, where, and how does he appear • What happens at the end o
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