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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Lina Samuel

SOC244- Lecture 2 - The more the family evolved, production of sons became important - Recognizable heir - Biological son to inherit all the property - Change in the rule of descent - The overthrow of mother right was the world historical defeat of the female sex - Supremacy of the man - Children of undisputed paternity - Increasingly dependent on the husband and the father - First form of family based of economic means - Nuclear family system—economic conditions emerged - Power goes to the individual who brings home the necessities - Power then goes to male wage earner - Women’s subordinate position in society - Women responsible for all the labor required within the household - Feminist thinking emerged here - Women’s roles within family contradictory - Mary Wollstonecraft - Primary focus on encouraging women’s education to make them better mothers—still within family focus - Second wave of feminism that challenged their position in the home and their devotion to serving husbands and children - Mainstream feminism linked labor with inequality of women and their subordinate positions within their homes in relation to family - Focus on not only increasing women’s equality (voting, education) within the context of the family – being access to reproductive liberty - The pill—abstinence - Liberalism—all humans are inherently rational, all should be considered equal, shared humanity, fundamental belief where people should be able to earn their status, achieve their status, not inherited, society of meritocracy that led to children education, belief in giving people equal opportunity to success - Freedom of choice - Overfocus of women on dominant positions, tend to ignore structural - Marxist feminism—element of critique--- looking in particular at social productions of labor - Domestic labour fulfills 2 needs—regeneration of labor power, important ideological role - He argues that this division in the household - Site in which thinking patterns are reproduced in their children - Exploitation of women and women’s work - We only value work that is paid - That’s what they should be doing—nobody cared for unpaid work - Increasing economic dependency - Socialist feminism--- we have to look at women’s unequal positions in patriarchy - We place greater values on places that are masculine - You cant simply place inequality within the household - Race and racism—women experience alienation from their own bodies, efforts to change their bodies for the males - Racism disru
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