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Lecture #6-Post-Industrial Inequality (1) – Gender

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Paul Armstrong

Post-Industrial Inequality (1) Gender SLIDE 4 -Sex has tried to been used as a justification for inequality in the workforce, etc Beauvoir is basically saying that when we think about some ones character (character reflects a situation). Womens situation (repressed gendersex) is not tiedcaused to their own personal characteristics. Femininity is not biological (women arent born feminine). Femininity is the product of a long process of socialization, and the product of key rein forcers throughout a womans life (not hitting, not being overly aggressive, having a pink room, playing with dolls, etc.). The same goes for men, and how a man learns his power, and there is nothing inherent about a man that places them above women. Women have occupied the position of the other. Men and masculine traits are taken to be the ideal form in a human being (man is the default), and therefore women are thought of as the other, manipulation of a man, the opposition of a man, etc -Women fall into the domain of immanent (interior, passive, static), and men fall into the domain that is called transcendent (active, powerful, creative). -She believes that being a human being involves both the duality of immanent and transcendent. -Women are incomplete, because men deny women (they are denied transcendent) which is a cr
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