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SOC307 Lecture 1

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Reza Barmaki

SOC307 Crime & Delinquency Lecture 1: July 4th, 2011 Criminology: Scientific Understanding of Crime 1- Description: What? (categorization, definition, data) 2-Explanations: Why? (theoretical) 3- Policy Recommendations Solutions Chapter 12 & 13  Description  Types of crime  Definitions  Examples  Charts  Data  Explanations  Why?  Reasons, motives Different types of Crime -Political Crimes -power as reward - Governments -Politicians -assassinations -kidnapping -vote rigging SOC307 Crime & Delinquency Lecture 1: July 4th, 2011 Economic Crimes:  Individuals  illegal organizations (organized crime)  legitimate institutions (corporations) Why? (explanation)  Personal motives Normal & abnormal  Organizational goals  Sociological insight:  Individual & organizational motives are shaped by the larger economic political, and cultural values & trends  Sociological theories Individual Motives: economic -monetary gain passions/desires/pleasures - jealousy, sex... under influence - drugs, alochol... opportunity - stealing, not paying... May reflect broader trends Individual Crime stories: starting point for sociological analysis  Impersonating police officer (guy)  Porn detective SOC307 Crime & Delinquency Lecture 1: July 4th, 2011  Borrow porn for free  Check the age of actors/actresses  Sociological curiosity:  Sex & crime link  what are the broader causes or implications? Method of understanding Crime: applies to all forms of crime  Description -what?  Explanation -why?  Policy -recommendation Hate Crimes Canada  Description:  How many  how long  what kinds  when  where  explanation  why? Organizational crimes: 1: Organized crime (illegal institutions) 2: White-collar crime (individual(s) within legal organizations) Blue-collar (lower socio-economic classes) Theories of corporate Crime "greed" theory -assumptions: SOC307 Crime & Delinquency
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