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18 Jan 2011
Lecture 2 SOC365 Jan 13, 2011 Intersectionality & Gender Orders
Socially organized categories, ideas are constructed and have effects on real world by
gender bodies sorted out into categories like girl/boy, transgendered, masculine, etc.
Gender in itself as form of social difference is not problematic problem thru power
relations and gender orders that regulate what is legitimate categories - idea of
gender order is way or explaining power relations between men and women that are
taken for granted bc socialized to it as a norm eg. Washrooms for men and women
gender order draws our attn that this is socially constructed and not natural based
on socially accepted and assumed ideas of gender order appear acceptable by
everybody and in effect many ppl assume that they are. Accepted and assumed is
diff. Eg. Assume will be segregated bathrooms in the building but doesnt mean
accept it
Gender orders always unequal and contested grounded in gender equality. Gender
order we live in is the basics.
Politics = disagreement over power and how that gets played out eg. Gender politics
some ppl will struggle to maintain unequal, others may try to equal position =
power struggle and relations
Content of gender order what are the basic assumptions of gender order
oBasic logic assumption that there is a binary biological order 2 sex gender
system = 2 sexes and sex determines ur proper gender and assumptions
attached to gender eg. Feminine is for women
oNot the only logic but the dominant logic social world organized around this
oMovements fight all or some aspects of this two-sex gender system
oHeterosexual hegemony = gay bashing etc. When ppl dont fit into this
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