ACMA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Culture Industry, Cultural Hegemony, Political Prisoner

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9 Feb 2016
LEC 4 Ideologies
Jan 28, 2016
- sets of ideas which give some account of the social world
Example: Political ideologies
- a way of seeing the world
- “libertarianism”  tea party
- social democracy
- self vs. social
- individual’s collective
- universal health care is believed to be bad by some because of
taxes we are paying for other people’s health
 insider: ideological claims seem obviously true and universally
 outsider: ideological claims seem obviously false, arbitrary
- we’re given a story as to what life should look like, what we
should aspire to
- this allows to follow this outline
The Role of Perspective
- based on your ideology for example, if someone is 3ghting for
your side, they are a hero, if they are 3ghting for opposing side
considered a terrorist
- who’s a threat and who isn’t depends on your ideology
Power Relationships
- characterized and maintained by ideologies
- ideologies may be forcefully imposed or willingly subscribed to
(or both)
- held consciously or unconsciously
- example : capitalism
- ideology can become invisible but still be present in everything
that we decide to do
- leadership or dominance especially by one state or social group
over others
- Preponderant in7uence or authority over others; social, cultural,
ideological, or economical in7uence exerted by a dominant group
“What do you do?”
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