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Lecture 11

ANTA02H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Herstory

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Maggie Cummings

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Anthropology lecture 11
Gender and search for respect
Womens liberation or traditional feminity?
Politics of representation
Applied anthropology
Nancy scheper-hughes
Bourgoiss recommendations
Since 1995, what has changed, what hasn’t and why? Who remains most vulnerable?
The issue of gender how it affects gender
The search for respect is also a search for viable form of masculinity
Marginalizaed urban men cant replicate rural ideas of masculinity and family structure
Traditional family structure
Men providing for there family
Working class and harbarrowness
No longer be proper habarrows, tend to lash out to women and family around them
Street culture and denile
Try to get manly respect and they lash out there venerability they tarize them to enhance
there own search for respect
Search respect gives a little bit and can be problematic
How to women experience venerable to men in there lives
Search for respect to look for masculinity
How does it affect to femininity and is it in the picture? What is the habara
Women were starting to claim to all sorts of rights and carve out greater antimony
They were being exposed to work outside of the home
They started to think of them selves as agency instead of victims
Gender is a relationship
What structures constrain women’s lifes?
What kind of agency do they exercise?
Candy was dealing drug so easier to spend time with him
She was exceptional to things
Case study and what is exceptional and typical
Her story:
The wife of Philips, he owned the games room. Was the original owner
She wishes to have 12 children but has 5
Catches him cheating on her with his sister
Held up by a black guy and made up a story
Cops doesn’t look at candy
While Philips is in the hospital and goes to jail because of police gotten involved (drug
But sells the rights to ray who runs it now
For 3,000 and money runs out fast for her 5 children
So she goes to ray and gets a job in selling crack
Falls in love with someone and they break up violently
Then she stops selling crack and then manages to get
Then her husband wants to come back
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Her elder leaves because he cant handle this
Looses his share of money and then go back and forth in court
Gets a red jump suit and gets throw in jail and ray pays for her bail lift
She gains respect by being a man
Ray says candy knows how to gain respect because she shot someone and got the balls.
She proven not afraid to shoot people. Just like youd have to do to be a man, create fear
and blames other women for men
Disregard her children
Her version of harchary and primo finds her masculating and breaks up
And it gets violent and she disses them
Cant commit to masculinity because she looses her femininity
Such as being a good mother, lover and wife
Shooting phlip tempting as to think women resisting and freeing herself from her
That’s not how she sees it and how she sees it as an outburst of jealous rage of a
perturican women, this was to express women in love and in jealous
She sees herself as showing love to her husband
And how she wants to keep her family together
She shoots Philip not in freeing but in jealous
Philip violated there family and choose a kin (sister) that is related to her
Hysteria and that she lost control. This happens to women that is stressed and has a lot
to handle
She solves her economic problems and by straddling her masculinity and femininity
While in game room falls in love and is seen as a feminine agency
Can make changes in your life when fall in love
In prof persective and wonder how can someone fall in love in agency
Make changes in there lives and major changes when in love
To get away from her abusive father she married Philip who is her rapist
Start a new life and temporally change again: game room and falls in love with primo
Gives him credit when she falls in love with primo
Have a family unit and be the women in love
At the same time doing that is being a supper tough guy
How do women carve out rights for themselves in the public domain while at the same
time trying to maintain traditional household?
Women need to try and get a job in getting 2 social security cards, her grandfather
checks, selling crack or get a guy that can support her
In nyc in every 6 months need to do the paper work
Such as candy case don’t have good skills in paper work and having to do this is a strain
and not good at it
Trying to make ends meet
Welfare state makes monthhood and teen-mother and on welfare can get public housing
and can make a family unit
In many ways this particular is actually insensitivsing to teen mothers
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