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18 Apr 2012

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Lecture Five
Key terms/names
Etic versus Emic
Eskimo and Iroquois kinship
Matrilateral versus patrilateral kin
Bilateral versus unilineal descent
Cross-cousins versus parallel cousins
Endogamy versus exogamy
Patrilineal/matrilineal descent
Consanguine versus affinal kin
Fictive kinship
Procreation as symbolic and paternity
as cultural construct
A kinship diagram
Kinship Symbols
-depending on the type of economy, kinship shapes kinship relation from marriage, child
rearing, political aspect
-in smaller scale society ones kinship category takes care of everything, what u will do for a
living, who you will marry, gives u protection, it gives u ur identity
-social organization is kinship organization in some groups
-in large scale societies kinship is there but other Social things like religious institutions,
political groups, group ppl together
-early anthropologists studied kinship
-early studies were based on who was related to whom
-we say blood relations are the most important.
-in some societies ppl u are related to blood are the ones u fight with
-what is expected of u based on Ur kinship relation is part of kinship classification
-a slash through anything means that it is over, like divorced or dead
-a square means u don't know the gender of the person or for the ego
-ego is the starting point in Ur diagram
- When u refer to something from the anthropologists point of view it's called etic
-looking at the point of view of the relative it's called the emic point of view
-the relationship between Ur cousin from Ur mother’s side and the cousin from the father’s
side may be different relationship in some cultures
-in the a.a. The cousin from ur fathers side would be ur husband the cousin from ur mothers
side would not be ur ideal marriage person u Amy have shad the same wet nurse
Etic kinship terms
Ego = Reference
point for describing
Fa = Father
Mo = Mother
Br = Brother
Z = Sister
H= Husband
S = Son
Da= Daughter
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