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Lecture 3

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Genevieve Dewar

ANTA01Lecture 3 y What is evolutionnatural selection working on genetics DNA y Positive traits allow species to be successful and passed on New traits are passed by mutation genetic flow and genetic drift Know these 3 terms y Genotype just the recipey Phenotype what we can see about you and what is expressed Example tattoo piercingsy Changes in genes on an individual basis y Actual transition or physical change happens only with mutation Individual changes through mutation But population changes through genetic flow and genetic drift y Sickle cell anemia as recessive is neutral in places with malaria y Same alleles in small population so they are inbred Example tiny eyes y Genetic drift they separate and do not come back together They do their own way as different species y Genetic drift causespromotes speciation Two groups are going to be two species even if they were one Genetic flow maintains a single species Allows a single species to continue as one Write on exam y Geneticists looked at modern populations to see how old origin of human species is o Got samples from many women around the worldo Mitochondrial DNA o SubSaharan woman had a lot of variability in genetic code which meant a large gene pool and they have been
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