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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Genevieve Dewar

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Lecture 6 y Write species name in italicized or underline and for genus you write it in capital and species it in lower casey Yaxis is time with end of dinosaur period y Xaxis is living primate y Tree shows relationship y The most primitive for primates are lemurs because they have dob like nose and rely on sense of smell y The next group is tarsiers They represent next step in our evolution They have our type of nosey Next we have new world monkey south America they have their own adaptations Their tail is found only in South America y Then is Eurasian They left tree y Then we have hominoidsy Cladistics tree because it shows evolution Know difference between this and phanistic y Difference between hominoid and monkey hominids are arboreal lifestyles somewhat they have larger brains to body size dont have tails How do we know difference between apes from monkeys y Quadrapedal they walk on legs but are still arboreal y Humans are known for making tools y 2123 dental formula Refer to quadrants in mouth We write this number by identifying how many teeth in that quadrant We use this to identity hominoids y Capitulum is the ball y Ulna has hook on lower arm y Basically it does this to turn your arm Apes can do this No one else cany How do we know what the missing link looks like We know based on genetics that we split from chimpanzee some 58 million years ago We know that we shared 98 genetic profile with them so we know they look similar to us We have a specialized locomotion and so do other hominins This is how we identity themy Long arms permanently curved hands lower back This is called braciation y Green is orangutan in south Asia Its like they have four hands than two hands Feet are curved y Hang upside down on trees y Gorillas and chimpanzees knuckle walk walk on their phalanges because their wrist has to take their whole weight Arm is longer than body Quadrapedal
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