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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Genevieve Dewar

Lecture 8 y Todays lecture has good source of information for the essay A lot of controversy y Final format is similar to midterm with more identifying 80 will be on second half y Next weekworship to help with essay on Tuesday and Thursday y In East and South Africa we find them with each other in the same deposit as tools and other australopithecines Many species living in the same place at the same time y Origins of language which is important for development of culture in our historyy Timeline know difference between hominoid bipedal and homonims y Miocene time of apes y 58mya when chimps split y Chadansis 2 ardipitecus kardaha and ardicus y Apes walking on two legs small brain rdy 3 in lineage robust is paranthopos Various species in east and south Africa but more species in east Africay Pliocene is great ice age 251mya All evidence from this comes from ES Africa Narrowed down temporally and spatiallyy Early homo or homo habilus found in es Africa y First tools are olduwan They start to appear before earlier than specimens we find in terms of fossil evidence y Where we see timeframe on x axis considerable overlap bewtee homo specimens and end of gracile period and the robust forms 15 my overlap Very unusualy Right goes back 2 mya and left goes back 20 myay From mysocene to pleicone looking at oxygen isotpe we see major cooling From 16mya to present overall we see curve going towards cold On finegrained data set looking at past 2mya on right you notice two graphs are similar and more yellow ice covering planet at pole More about fluctuation and rapid change more ice age period but slope of the line are extreme Rapid change This helps us understand punctuated equilibrium Going from periods of extreme drying to wet Shows us how we can have multiple species on land at the same timendy On the descent of man 2 book published by Darwin Wanted it published after his death Darwin noted that transmission from fossil fuels we wound find evidence for this in Africa than any other place because chimps and gorillas lived there and there are more in Africa and we look like them so we probably came from Africa than orangutans that are in Asia
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