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Mary Silcox

stNovember 21 2011 Three Age System Stone Age y Paleolithic old stonge age Lower Middle Upper y Mesolithic middle stone age y Neolithic new stone age Bronze Age Iron AgeUpper paleolithic y Starts around 50000 years ago mainly recognized as at this time o but the classic makrers appear in Europe much earier than 50000 years ago o most intensely studied in Europe o Eurocentric samples o A lot of changes happened outside of Europe though Characteristics of the Upper Paleolithic y More refined stone tools especially blades o Increased rate of change with respect to techonolgical industries o Oldowan and achuleian were predominant millions of years o Blade flake that is a tleast two times as long than it is wide Fundamentally a long thin flake Maximizes the amont of sharp edge you get for a give npiece of raw material o Use a more complicated version of the prepared core technique knock the top off a piece of material and use some type of punch or pressure flaking to get thin flakes of rock Will be sharp since they are thin Blade tools and coresEarliest blade tools were recent discoveries come from the baringo basin in Kenya Date to between 509 000530000 years ago Really old for blade toolsPredates anatomically correct humansSo they could not have been the only people making toolsAfricans were making them for longer periods of timeTools from klasis river mouthChetlperronian tool industry associated with neandertals Added blaes and bone tools to Mousterian o Aurignacian tool industry 40000 to 27000 years ago associated with early anatomically modern humans in Europe o Even more blade tools and bone use than in chatelperronian
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