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Lecture 2: ANTHROPOLOGY WORLDVIEW: The result of our attempts to make the world meaningful, what do we understand to be reality, what’s real and what is not real.  Multiple worldviews may coexist in a single culture, or a single worldview may dominate.  Worldviews may shape everything. TROBRIANDS:  Anyone who dies have died from someone who has wished they died & cast a spell on them, other than of old age.  Someone who has been paid to does sorcery “poison” your food. Trobriands share a lot too, so sometimes it’s hard to trust.  Sorcery is an attack on marital lineages (ties through women family)  Every person is a reincarnation of his or her ancestor.  When someone dies everyone has to look sad, anyone with any tie has to grieve (certain ways to cry). LANGUAGE, CULTURE & REALITY: Speech and language makes us human. Just from listening to people speak, you can learn a lot about the person (age, gender, emotion, etc.) Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis: A systematic relationship between the categories of the language a person speaks and how that person understands the world and behaves in it. Different language patterns yield different patterns of thought.  Based on fieldwork of Hopi, was not easy to study, they don’t have nouns and tenses. They see the world as process oriented.  Argued that the difference of the language showed a difference i
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