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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

Lecture 1 Field work and Ethnography. Field work is basically is what sets anthropologist apart from other disciplines. Anthropologists for the most part live among the people that they are studying. Field work is a rite of passage and it turns you into an anthropologist. You cannot call yourself an anthropologist until you do field work. Ethnography is what anthropologists write after they do their field work. The books we are using in this course is based on field work. Often, anthropologists post shorter types of work. Ethnography is analysis and theorizing. The point is to portray a natives culture point of view. Geertz gives so many examples and paints such a vivid picture. Thick description (Geertz) is many different layers and what this is meant to do but to give you context. Anthropologists havent always done field work. Marco polo is someone who went off to somewhere and wrote about his travels which is sort of like what anthropology. Victorian anthropologists where strongly influenced by Darwins theory of evolution. Edward Tylers definition of culture was civilization. James Fraser did a comparative study of myth and religion. He theorized is that all cultures started with cultures with magical thinking. Religious thinking was the next one. Scientific thought is the last one. The thought the order of cilivilization was magical thinking, religious thinking, and finally scientific thought. The two anthropologists that were the fathers of field work. Malinowski was polish and came in the London and he received grant to go and sit in the venranda but he didnt get his hands dirty, he just watched from above. He couldnt go back to the U.K because he was a enemy during the war. He started to live along the people and famously lived with young female people. What he did was called participant observation is about participating and then write the notes. Malinowski had a problem with ranking cultures and he realized that the people they were studying was not just savage and that they had complex kin relationships, economics, politics. He was really one the first people to say to stop the ranking of cultures and that they are just different. The other father of field work is Franz Boas and he was working in America. He also believed that cultures needed to be studied on their own terms because its own culture has its own history. To judge another culture with your cultures own standards is called ethnocentrism ? Field work is based on first hand knowledge. It is holistic and you should understand holistically. It is comparative but you dont rank. www.notesolution.comCulture is shared patterns of learned behaviour. Slightly more elaborately, learned sets of ideas and behaviours that are acquired and shared by members of a society. Boas culture as a lens for experience. If we didnt have culture, we wouldnt know how to eat, how to use a fork, etc. We need culture to live in the world. Every culture has its own glasses or lens. Culture is what sets us different from animals because they dont have culture. It allows us to function as social animals. Culture is something human and not a characteristic of animals. The first idea is that cultures have a pattern or themes or meanings that underlie that culture and tie everything together. Many anthropologists have argued that cultures may not be so neatly tied into one whole. Salvage ethnography is based on some cultures that are disappearing and that we need to save them or if we cant, we need to write down as much about that culture before its gone. Multi-sited ethnography involves going to several places for field work. Native anthropology is when someone such aboriginal people studying aboriginal anthropology. It is when the people study themselves. Ethnography at home is when you study your own culture. Post-colonial anthropology looks at ............ ? Interpretive anthropology ? Cockfights are actually fights between men. The cock is a metaphor for penis and therefore masculinity. Only men go to cockfights. Cocks represent humanness but they also represent what they fear most about themselves. The deepest cockfights are the ones between the most socially high status. The highest amount of money wagered in cockfights are most even and therefore most predictable. It is not about the money as much and therefore about status. HOWEVER, you dont raise or lose your status by winning or losing and the reason why people bet is because they invest significance in it. The cockfight teach the Balinese about status. Lecture 1 Field work and Ethnography. Field work is basically is what sets anthropologist apart from other disciplines. Anthropologists for the most part live among the people that they are
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