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ANTA02 Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

ANTA02 Lecture 3 Jan2612Main method of anthropology is field workCulture is dynamic not staticalways changingCulture is learnedBoaz o Cultural glasses culture as a lens focusing on the things that happen to usHow culture is learned and shared o World viewHuman beings in all culture try to make sense of their experiences and ink them to the wider worldmake meaning out of all the different things that happenWorldview is the results of what reality isShared cultural perceptions of what reality isWorldview falls under culture culture is more broadTells you what is real and how to make sense of thingMultiple world views may exist or one might dominateEx worldviewHumans and weather o Shared territoryBima Muslims rain is a gift from Allah they pray to God to intervene on their behalf fasting and prayer to end drought Duo Donggoanimist beliefsbelieve that rain is natural and mischievous spirits are blocking the rain y These spirits have the same wants and needs as humans so the tribe leave cigarettes and chewing gum etc for them to eat so that they may bring upon rainNorth Americans understand drought from a scientific perspectiveLanguage Culture and Reality o we are what we speakSpeech makes us humanNo other species speakthey communicate but do not use language to communicate abstract ideasCan determine y Region of origin ethnicity gender general age range depending on voice emotional state mental state physical state class level of education relationship between two people y All this information is passive we do not need to actively think about it o SapirWhorf hypothesisLinguistic anthropologist have argues that language shapes reality as we know itSystematic relationship between the category of language someone speaks and how they understand the world
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