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Lecture 5

lecture 5 inclass notes

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Maggie Cummings

Lecture 5Kinship symbols modes of production and how people make their life and how people reproduce is linked to other parts of the things of life as well in smaller scale societies kinship takes care for you everything What you will do for living how will you live your life who will you marry what groups can you marry and not And kinship also protects you Social organization is also a kinship organizationin smaller scale societies there is only kinship Early kinship studies were done to figure out who is related to who and stuff like that Anthropologists took notes on that and drew a kinship diagrams What is involvedblood is thicker than waterhow kinship ties one another Fathers blood is related to sons This is used as a metaphor Kinship diagram square do not know the gender of that person or ego Etic perspectiveoutsiders perspective Emic insiders perspectiveMoZDa mothers sisters daughter thats your cousin cousin from your mothers side and father sides because in some culture this kinship will be more for fathers side cousin ie In Azwagh Arabs so your fathers side male cousin would be your ideal marriage partner But your mothers side of male cousin would not beEskimo nuclear familypeople you live with and
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