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Lecture 7

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Maggie Cummings

Lecture Seven-Wrapping Up Feeding Desire Key Terms □ Susan Bordo □ body ideals and “crystallization” of culture □ 3 “axes of continuity” in Euro-American body ideals □ The Dualist Axis □ The Control Axis □ The Gender/Power Axis “Crystallization of culture” in body ideals □ Crystallization: the way that various cultural logics and values comes together, and sustain each other, in “real”’ embodied form through body ideals □ E.g.—fatness as beauty for Azawagh Arabs □ E.g.—the tyranny of slenderness in North America □ How are they different and how are they similar? □ chapter 7 the way that ppl inhabit space is socially constructive □ crystallization on page 189 □ how these different cultural logics come together to describe closeness, endogamy, how they come together to enforce fatness is beauty □ Fat Bodies are beautiful because they are closed and since they are women body they are different from men body. They are different from men’s body because they are closed and still. It becomes a circle. □ ur pouring in Islamic logic, gender complementary, economy, endogamy, closeness and u get the fat body □ Susan Bordo talks abt anorexia nervosa □ our obsession on thinness is similar to the Arabs way of fatness □ Page 188. Popenoe talks abt how the Arab women didn’t understand that the thin women were actual women. They thought they were inhuman Why slim bodies? □ Susan Bordo □ Axes of continuity □ Dualist Axis (what’s wrong with bodies?) □ Gender/Power Axis (why women?) □ Control Axis (why here and now?) □ -anorexia. A culture bound syndrome. It takes our normal view of healthy body and makes it into a flaw. □ -she sees the anorexia body as a symbolic critique □ -she says it’s a form on protest against our symbolic View of thinness □ -our historical and cultural fear of the body □ -restrictive female body norms arise when women begin to gain power in the world. Relationship between women beauty and power □ -loss of control of everyday life leads to slimness is beautiful □ -
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